Doneva Ballet School offers classical ballet instruction for students ages 4 to adult, with any level of experience. Beginning with the basics of movement and ballet steps and progressing to advanced combinations and pre-professional level technique, our curriculum builds strong foundations at each level so that our students may excel as they move up. Students are welcome to join at any time during the year. Evaluation classes are required for all levels except adult ballet classes. This is to ensure that students are placed the in the class that will be of the most benefit to them.


Pre-Ballet - ages 4-6, no experience necessary

Our Pre-Ballet classes offer students the opportunity to have fun moving to music while beginning to learn the basic building blocks of dance. Ballet positions and few simple steps are taught intermixed with free dance that cultivates creativity and expression. We use colorful scarves, flowers, and other props designed to allow the student's imagination to lead them while building rhythm, flexibility, and strength.


Ballet 1 - ages 7 and up, 0-6 months experience

Students in Ballet 1 begin to work more seriously at the barre, focusing on simple combinations that build clean, classical technique, proper alignment of the spine and body, and correct foot positioning. Great care is taken to make sure that correct posture becomes habit, which creates a strong foundation for more complicated steps to come in the upper levels.


Ballet 2 - ages 7 and up, 6 months + experience, by placement only

In Ballet 2, students begin more center work in addition to their exercises at the barre, and we introduce some of the simpler classical ballet variations in order to introduce them to performance style and development of artistry as well as familiarize them with the classical repertoire. There is still a strong focus placed on alignment and proper placement, as the older students slowly begin to dance en pointe for 10-15 minutes at a time.


Ballet 3 - ages 10 and up, by placement only

Ballet 3 begins to introduce more complicated combinations, both at the barre and in the center, and students spend more time developing their pointe technique. Continuing to work the foundations of strong, developed cores, flexible limbs, and impeccable alignment allows them to maintain clean technique while beginning to focus on developing their artistry and performance skills. Beats, jumps, and simple turns are introduced at this level. Students continue to perfect the variations they learned in Ballet 2 with an increased focus on performance quality, and are introduced to more complicated variations of the classical repertoire.


Pointe - ages 9 and up, special permission required

Pointe in the Vaganova method begins at or after age 9, when students are deemed ready by their instructors. Pointe is introduced for very short intervals at first -- just ten to fifteen minutes -- in order for dancers to adjust to this new technique and ensure proper body placement to avoid injury. These intervals are gradually increased as the dancer's strength increases until they are ready to begin performing en pointe. Pointe classes include strengthening exercises, simple combinations that incorporate moving between pointe and flat, and, eventually, variations.


Adult Ballet - ages 14+, all levels of experience welcome

Our adult ballet classes are built around those who attend them. We welcome beginners, and are also happy to create a more advanced class for students with prior experience. Whether you are learning the basics, dancing to stay in shape, working to improve your technique, or simply enjoying the beauty of ballet, our classes will always have something to offer you. 

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